How to Access Blocked Websites on Android

How to Access Blocked Websites on Android Phone and Tablet

We’re here to tell you about all the different ways you can bypass geo-blocking or location-based restrictions and access blocked websites on your Android device. Chances are you’ve probably heard of some of these methods to access blocked sites for Android. You may have even tried some with varying degrees of success.

The first couple of methods are apps you can download, so they are pretty quick to get up and running. The last two methods are slightly more involved, but still at a beginner difficulty level.

Method 1: How to Unblock Websites with Orbot – Proxy with Tor

A little known, yet very effective, free proxy app for unblocking blocked websites on Android smartphones and tablets is Orbot. Orbot will encrypt your internet data so you can access blocked websites, messaging and emails without the threat of being monitored or blocked.

    1. Install the App

      Download Orbot from the Google Play Store and install it. For devices, you can follow .

    2. Power Up

      Open the app and power up Tor.

    3. Install Orbweb

      Next, install the Orweb app, the browser supported by Tor. Now you can freely browse all the blocked websites.

Method 2: Access Blocked Sites with VPN – Hola Free VPN

Formerly Hola Unblocker, this VPN app not only unblocks blocked websites for Android devices, it also compresses data being sent over the internet. This compression greatly improves your browsing speed. The best part is, for Hola to work you don’t need to create any kind of account with them. It’s extremely easy to install and use.

  1. Install the App

    Go to the Google Play Store, download, and install the Hola Android app.

  2. Open App

    Open the Hola app and you’re done.

    Hola comes in with a built-in browser through which you can surf the blocked websites. It also lets you open apps that are geographically restricted. Say, you’re in China and want to watch videos on Netflix, Hulu, or BBC iPlayer, you would install the respective apps and open them through Hola. The same goes for any other app like Spotify, YouTube, and Pandora.

If you want to download an app that’s not available on the Google Play Store, you can search for the application’s apk file through a Google search. Once, the apk file has downloaded, install it and run it with Hola.

For an in-depth overview of the best VPN services you can use to access blocked websites on your Android devices, take a look at a couple of handy guide on and our list of .


Method 3: How to Unblock Restricted Websites with TUNLR

Tunlr is a mix of a VPN and a DNS service. Tunlr supports quite a few platforms: Windows, Mac, AppleTV, PS4, and Android to name a few. Although, a free service, TUNLR requests its users to deactivate the DNS when not in use. The constant barrage of data being squeezed through the VPN tunnel will overload the service and kill it.

It’s important to understand that TUNLR only masks your IP address to fool geo-blocked websites; it does not provide any security. So, if you’ve got nothing to hide and only entertainment on your mind, TUNLR is perfect for you. To take advantage of this free and incredibly easy way of accessing blocked websites and media on your Android devices, follow these simple steps:

  1. Open Settings

    Enter the and then open the Wi-Fi settings.

  2. Modify Network

    Press and hold the network you are connected to, to access the pop-up menu. Then, click on Modify Network.

  3. Change IP Settings

    Check on Advanced Options, and change the IP settings to Static.

  4. Important: Before following this step, please note your current DNS1 and DNS2 addresses in a secure place. This way you can revert to these changes whenever you might need to.

    Change the DNS1 and DNS2 addresses to the ones provided by TUNLR. TUNLR’s Primary and Secondary DNS addresses can change, so make sure to input the current addresses from .

  5. Save the changes and you’re ready to browse all the blocked websites you couldn’t access before.

Method 4: How to Bypass Blocked Sites with MediaHint

MediaHint is geared towards unblocking video and social media channels. It’s a paid DNS service with the added support of browser extensions, giving its subscribers the power to go around country censorships and geo-restrictions.

MediaHint supports a plethora of smart devices from Android to Kindle Fire. For around $4 a month or approximately $40 a year, you can use MediaHint to watch all your favorite, yet frustratingly geo-restricted, media on any of your devices. They offer a cool 7-day free trial, to take their service on a joy ride. (Please note that the prices mentioned are as of 26 of July 2019 and might change in time)

Here are the steps to use MediaHint on Android devices:

Important: Before you incorporate any of these changes, please make sure to save or write down the original DNS1 and DNS2 addresses of your network.

Note: The following steps are to activate MediaHint’s DNS service; however, simply changing the DNS addresses won’t let you use the service. For the DNS servers to take effect, you will need verify your IP address through the MediaHint account that you have to buy.

  1. Follow Method 3

    Follow Steps 1 to 4 of method 3.

  2. Change DNS Addresses

    Once, you’ve changed the IP settings to Static, put in the required DNS addresses in their respective fields.

    MediaHint’s DNS –



Save the changes and restart your phone for them to take effect.

As a precaution and to keep services running at optimal speed, these services, except for TOR, only work when connected through a Wi-Fi connection. They will not work on a 3G, LTE, or any other cellular data.


Unblock Restricted Websites – Unlock the Internet

Whether we like it or not, all of us have faced that frustrating message, “This content is currently not available in your location.” With so many services now geo-restricted and websites blocked by governments, finding new ways to access content that should be available has become a new industry in of itself. There are countless means to access blocked websites, with varying degrees of success. The methods above are a few of the most popular options.

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